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Goodbye Earth [Plzzz don’t read – it’ll make you go mad.!@#!!]

Reading this does not make a sense for you. I know that. These ugly thoughts will make you go nuts and sure I am, will not venture in my path – in case I drag you and open my diary and make you read those ugly scribbles.

Oh my mate! I am on my death bed , breathing the last airs of notorious earth. Here I can tell you, no fairy tale Goddess will descend and take me to heaven of affluence. Here I can tell you, no fearsome demon of dark world will descend and take me to the hell of dissatisfaction.  I lived my life as if in a dream and as my life goes blank, I know that each day’s thought of mine were not part of reality. Virtues change, vices change. I  made my living  – suit to my dreams’ run on earth. Time changed. Truth changed. Men’s power and influence changed center of gravity over many millenieums.  Will I cry, as I plan to exit earth? No, man!  I know I chased my dreams. But I also know mine, in fact any other live’s stay on earth is that much important. We make each man look bigger, But I dont and will not cry. Cause even when I were not here, life were flowing. There were joy, figts, laughter and cry. And when I will be no more, earth will not take any notice. There will be joy, fist and feast, laughter and cry. Three CHEERS and Good bye, mate! You are the last life on earth I wish to embrace and stamp my body print on your skin. Let’s get up! Here I come! Image